What I do


Turnkey Solutions, Consulting, Assessment, Training.

Full / part time

Commercial Management

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM

Project management.

Geographic Information Systems.

  • Location Analytics.
  • GIS analysis.
  • SIG Desktop: QGIS, gvSIG, ArcGIS.
  • SIG Server: Geoserver, OpenLayers, Leafleat, PostGIS, ArcGIS Server. (as a Team).
  • Mobile SIG: Apps, QField, ArcPad.
  • DataBase: SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra (as a team).
  • Cloud infrastructure management: AWS and Azure (as a team).
  • Training.


  • Topography.
  • Geo-referencing
  • UAV Orthophotos (Drone).
  • Digital Elevation Models.
  • Analysis of Satellite Images.


Business Cases



Analysis and improvement of strategies, processes and marketing and sales activities; strengthening of sales team and commercial network; CRM Freshworks platform optimization - Freshsales / Freshchat and integration with ITS (business intelligence), Zoho mail and e-commerce.


usaid     sgccc

First Report on the Assessment of Climate Change Knowledge in Guatemala

Support all the activities of search, compilation, systematization and writing of the information related to the different sections and chapters of the report on the topics of Vulnerability and Adaptation (Oceans and marine-coastal ecosystems, Continental water resources, Agriculture and Food Security, Biodiversity, Human Settlements and Health).

Más y Más

GeoData & Mobile WorkForce

GeoData of high quality and reliability including location of commercial points and related census data; detailed maps of streets and avenues, colonies and administrative division. As well as, address Geocoding services, Georeferenced Information Survey on demand and Online Tracking Services for Field Personnel.



GIS Portals, Apps & GPS

GeoDataBases, Business Intelligence (BI) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS); highly specialized solutions, technical support, and consulting services for the successful implementation of different kinds of projects. Including, but not limited to: Telecommunications, Agro-industry, Tourism, Retail, Municipal Government, GeoMarketing, Energy, use of Natural Resources, Logistics and Transportation, etc.



Cost Reduction

Advice for cost reduction that is based on the principle of "No savings ... No charge".

BCM reduces the cost of supplies and overheads for medium to large sized businesses. Profits are lost in these cost categories and BCM experts are very proficient at uncovering non competitive rates, supplier overcharges, waste, lack of control, process improvements, etc.


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4 Grados Norte | Campus Tecnológico 2
01004, Guatemala

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